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PCD Pharma Franchise For Capsules

Pharma franchise for capsules – IVA Healthcare is one of the top Pharma Franchise Companies for pharmaceuticals capsules. We at IVA Healthcare do manufacture, distribute and supply a massive range of capsules.  In all the states of India covering major cities, districts, and uncovered areas, we provide franchise business opportunities. Under the GMP and WHO-certified units, all the manufacturing is done. We at IVA Healthcare offers the best pharma franchise for capsules. 

Along with tablets, pharmaceuticals capsules are the most used forms of medication all over the globe. In comparison to a tablet, a capsule overcomes the limitation of being rigid and uneasy in swallowing. We manufacture a wide variety and range of quality capsules formulation. From soft gelatin capsules to fish oil soft gel capsules, acidity capsules, etc we manufacture a massive range of capsules. Derived from reputed vendors of this society, every formulation has been made from superior quality ingredients and drugs. If you are in search of the best pharma franchise for pharmaceuticals capsules, then we are the best!

IVA Healthcare invites pharmacists, medical representatives, wholesalers, dealers, stockiest, etc to our pharma franchise members. We cover all the states of India. To ask any question related to the franchise business.

Demand Of Capsules in India | Benefits Of Owning Pharma Capsules for Franchise Business

A capsule is an oral dosage form of medication which are enclosed in a shell form that is soft or hard. To enclose the medicines, it uses a technique called encapsulation. Which can be available as vegetarian capsules and animal-based capsules. The demand has been exceeding with time. Amongst the masses massively, the form has been popular. Here are some facts about them:

  • For vegetarian capsules, the domestic market size is approximately 1.2 billion.
  • By FY 2018, 70 percent increase in demand is expected which is around Rs. Rs.120 crore 
  • IVA Healthcare Offers Wide Range of Pharmaceuticals Capsules for Franchise
  • Quality is a priority at IVA Healthcare and not an option. With utmost care for the overall benefits of efficacy, durability, and least side effects,  we have treated every one of our formulations. Single-piece gel encapsulation (soft gels or soft capsules) and Two-piece gel encapsulation (hard capsules) are the two types of pharmaceuticals capsules.

Best Pharma franchise for capsules  | IVA Healthcare

IVA is the top pharma company with its superlative quality aspects the company offers the ultimate range of quality capsules and other pharma products. IVA Healthcare offers a number of perks to the aspirants and does stand above in the industry. The company offers the PCD franchise and third-party manufacturing opportunities to those who are looking out for a business opening. In all the possible aspects IVA Healthcare serves as the best franchise company that would lead you towards the great business benefits ahead. To provide the safest and hygienic products, the company uses hi-tech machinery and other equipment that helps.

We have a wide list of pharma capsules available for the PCD franchise and Pharma franchise all over India:

  • MEWAK-500

Many are going to be launched soon and the list continues with many more. Our company provides capsules in two forms Gelatin capsules, also called gel caps or gel caps, made from the collagen of animal skin or bone and vegetable capsules.

IVA Healthcare is appreciated a number of times\ for outstanding quality work and service. Approved by DCGI,  all our products are certified by FDA and FSSAI. like ALU-ALU many packaging technologies have been deployed. 


Mentioned above are the details about the best Pharma franchise for capsules. We at IVA Healthcare lead the industry as the best pharma manufacturers in all the possible aspects. We provide pharma products that are approved by government authority for delivering the rich quality medicine range.

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